How I overcame depression and lost 25lbs.

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A few years ago, I was going through a really dark period.
The short illness and death of my sister from cancer. Caring for my other sister that was also ill and doing my best to look after and protect her children. All while suffering with the effects of fibroid tumors myself.
I went to several doctors. One suggested I try Lupron Depot but that made the fibroids bigger. Causing me to look like I was in the early stages of a pregnancy.
In 2014, I had surgery to have the fibroids removed. The surgery was successful but I was experiencing early effects of menopause and having really bad hot flashes. So, my OB-GYN
prescribed the Estradiol patch.
Up until the time that I used the patch, I’d never had a problem with weight. I always had a thin build for my height. Six feet tall, size 4/6 was standard for me.
When I began using the patch, I was 150 lbs. Just two months later, I weighed in at 175 lbs. and I noticed that my clothes no longer looked good on me.
The first thing that I did, was stop using the patch and did my research to find a natural remedy for my hot flashes. I found a natural remedy called Black Cohosh that solved my hot flash problem.

With the hot flash problem solved but still suffering from depression, I complained for months about my weight but did nothing about it. I made excuses about going to the gym. Although I had the same gym membership since 1984.
Well, my disappointment in a fake friend that didn’t look out for me motivated me to get off my butt and get in shape. “People can temporarily hinder your success but they can’t stop you from getting in the best shape of your life” is what I said to myself to get started.

I found Denise Austin’s Get Fit Daily Dozen workout on Hulu Plus and I began to do it everyday. At first, I tired out real fast and had to stop and watch the video more than I exercised. Haha. But, I kept at it! Everyday got easier.

I also worked out with 21 Day Fix on the days when I didn’t do Get Fit Daily Dozen.

In August 2014, I weighed in at 175 lbs. I worked out everyday and followed a proper meal plan to the letter. I didn’t lose a pound! Then my dear friend Ta’Mar asked me during our conversation, “was I drinking enough water?” I was not drinking enough water. I continued my workout and meal plan and began drinking a gallon of water a day. Thereafter, I lost five pounds in one week! Water was my missing link!

In the next few weeks, I got down to 164 lbs but apparently I’d reached a weight loss plateau. So, I consulted weight loss coach Tiffine Powell R.N. owner of The Locker Room. Tiffine put together a meal plan specifically for me, that included some of my favorite foods. The meal plan helped me reach my goal weight. It took me longer than it should have though because I would cheat here and there. I finally got on top of my love for chips and other tempting fattening foods.

This past September 15th, I celebrated my 51st birthday. I reached my goal weight and the results of working out consistently and eating properly looked (and still looks) fabulous on me! I am now addicted to working out and I no longer crave the foods that are not healthy for me. Getting in the best shape of my life helped me shake the depression and I started putting my well-being first. And, I learned to not take on other people’s burdens and wanting more for them than they want for themselves.

My advice to anyone just starting their weight loss journey, in the middle of the journey or close to their goal weight; Keep your surroundings positive, tell yourself everyday that you’re going to make it, call a like minded friend to keep you accountable and DON’T QUIT!