Your life is not over til it’s over!

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As you get older, it is so easy to settle into a boring life of complacency. Especially, if you listen to naysayers that tell you that you are past your prime of life.

The second half of life is all about getting a second wind and having more awesome life experiences, traveling and attending awesome events.

A week ago, my dear friend Bernadette called and asked me to attend the Maggie Barry fashion show as her plus one. Maggie Barry is an awesome designer that designs for Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Cher, Jennifer Lopez and so many other notable people.

Most would jump at the chance to attend such an event. So, why was my first answer to the invite, “my hair is not done so I will sit this one out?” I also had a Netflix series that I wanted to watch. I had to tell myself to get off of the couch, pick an outfit, put on some make up, do your hair and get out of the house! Start living again!

Well, when show day came, I actually followed through. I got dressed, put on some make up, picked out a fabulous wig and called Uber. I had the best time! Especially, since fashion is the love of my life and the fashion scene is really my element.

Below is a photo of me before the show. Because L.A. is really laid back when it comes to fashion, I decided to go with a pants suits by Nygard because I love matching ensembles. Instead of dressing the suit up with a blouse, I decided to wear a rock star tee underneath and I added a little avant garde by wearing stiletto thigh high leather boots. My make up was simple with my signature cat eyes and lashes. I wore red lip color to match my outfit. Most importantly, I wore my beautiful smile!
*Photo courtesy of Josh Green.

I get many great invites to spectacular events that I normally turn down. However, in this new season of my life, I intend to “be there or be square”. So stay tuned and also check back for highlights from the awesome Maggie Barry show.

Get up, Get dressed, Get out!