Why I switched from Acrylic to the Gel nails.

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Although I’ve never worn long nails, years ago I began having an acrylic overlay applied to my nails. For some reason nail polish adheres without chipping better to acrylic than the regular natural nail. That was my motivation for trying acrylic nails.

The downside to wearing acrylic overlay/nails is that the acrylic would lift, water would get trapped underneath and mold with develop under the nail. Which, caused the nails to become damaged and discolored.

Well, this year, I decided to find an alternative to acrylic nails. Luckily my sister purchased a gel nail kit for me last Christmas. I am always grateful for a gift but I didn’t really intend to switch to gel nails. The kit just sat on my dresser.

Frustrated with the acrylic constantly lifting, I finally opened the kit, read the directions and used it. So, I put the process in pictures for you to follow along….here goes!

There are lots of nice colors to choose from. This time I chose metallic silver.

After I buffed and cleansed the nails, I applied the gel nail color.

Once I applied the gel nail color, I put my nails under the LED light for 30 seconds to set and dry them.

Here is the final result!

I also decided to give myself a pedicure using the gelnamel and it looked great also!

Gel nails work really well for me. My hands are immersed in water quite a bit and I didn’t experience any chipping. The gel manicure lasts a week and a half to two weeks. Just like acrylic nails grow out and require a fill, gel manicures grow out and need to be redone.

I give gel manicures a thumbs up!