How I keep the extra holiday pounds away.

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Well, this is the season to be merry and eat lots of fattening sweets and treats!

We all usually make a new year’s resolution to get in shape and lose the extra holiday pounds that we put on from over indulging. However, there are ways of avoiding excessive weight gain without depriving yourself of a few holiday goodies.

It is impossible to not gain any weight at all but, my system to keep my weight gain down to just a few pounds goes like this:

  1. I workout every other day during the holidays. A full one hour workout that includes cardio and weight training.
  2. I ONLY eat fruit for breakfast.
  3. Before I partake of a big meal, I drink one 16 ounce bottle of water. And, by the end of the day, I consume at least a gallon of water. Up from my normal half gallon of water a day. water-bottle-537x402
  4. When I partake in all of the holiday goodies, I watch my portion sizes. Sometimes just a small taste of       something delectable can satisfy your urge. Try it!
  5. I constantly remember that the food looks better left on the plate than on me, trying to fit into clothes that are now too tight!


Let’s try hard not to backtrack during the holidays….Let’s go into the new year in shape not having to start from square one.