Studding Out!

I have always been a fashionista because I came from a long line of fashionable women. Although I love high end designer clothes, it has always been important to me to be unique. Designer or not, sometimes clothes off the rack are boring and lack originality.
At a young age, my mother bought me a stud and rhinestone machine (pictured below) and my sisters and I would make our clothes different by splashing them with studs and rhinestones.
Fast forward twenty years: I hadn’t used my rhinestone and stud machine in years. Then I became the on tour hairstylist/make up artist for the 80’s all girl band Klymaxx, who are still in heavy demand on the concert touring circuit.
Bernadette Cooper (of Klymaxx and a fellow fashionista) and I shop together often looking for fashions for the girls in Klymaxx and ourselves.
(Bernadette Cooper is pictured below onstage wearing one of my handstudded bustiers.).
Bernadette encouraged me to take plain tee shirts with rockstar images on them and bling them out with studs and rhinestones like I used to do back in the day. Only now, I bling the tee shirts by hand (some of my designs take up to two weeks!) because its difficult to strategically place the studs and rhinestones the way I like to with a machine.
The shirts have really caught on! Every time I wear one of the shirts, someone will stop me and inquire about the shirt I’m wearing and it usually results in another order.
The shirts are custom order at the moment and will be available soon at select boutiques.
For information about ordering custom studded rockstar tee shirts I can be reached at: