How Trying Something New Landed Me In Court In 2016! True Story…..


This past April I received a call from the casting director at Entertainment Studios. Byron Allen’s Company.

I returned his call and he asked me, “would I be available to come in the next day to do a part on one of the court shows that Entertainment Studios produces?”

Although I accepted the offer, my first instinct was to say no. I’d never pursued or had an interest in acting. I felt that at six feet tall, I was too tall and I’d tower over all of the leading men!

Well, I discussed it with my number one cheerleader, my mother.  I was trying to back out of the job but she was not having it! She gave me a good pep talk and she was so sure that I would do well and enjoy the experience. She put the fire under me and I went for it!

The next day I reported to the set, had my make-up done and then waited to go over the script with the other awesome actor that was suing me! We had a great synergy and my nervous energy left.

When it came time for us to do our scene, we did a great job in just one take! The producers and my co-actor were quite impressed and could not believe I’d never acted before. I am so glad that I didn’t allow inexperience and fear to deter me from having an awesome experience and the opportunity to try something new.

Am I going to pursue acting now? Probably not….But, if opportunity knocks and other roles are offered to me, I will open the door!

This new adventure reminded me to not be afraid to try new things!