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About our audience: The Salon Chair “Therapist” blog site is where women are encouraged to cultivate their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty.

This entails not only wearing the best fashions and hairstyles but, taking to time out to “smell the roses” and enjoy the fruit of one’s labor via travel, relaxation and fabulous friendships.

My readers want to break away from limiting circumstances and strive for upward mobility by seeking higher education in the U.S. and abroad and bring excellence to their fields of endeavor.

The Fascinating People blog shows my audience examples of women around the world in various fields that are happily single career women and career women that are successfully combining marriage, motherhood with outstanding careers. These women have had to endure many hardships to rise above life’s challenges. They are unwavering and relentless and they are proof that a determined woman is unstoppable.

This encourages my audience to not accept limitations that society tries to place on them.

The Salon Chair “Therapist”, a licensed cosmetologist, gives women tips  about hair care products and make up based on her professional expertise. And, the former fashion model also gives advice about fashion and encourages women learn about the best designers and fashion lines in order to purchase clothing wisely. The Salon Chair “Therapist” believes that clothes are an investment.

The Salon Chair “Therapist” is also a Certified Life Coach and she pushes her readers to organize and prioritize properly to have success in every area of their lives and she also gives advice to women via her Ask Raina column.

“My readers are college educated and they appreciate this blog’s professional expertise because they want to continue to flourish professionally, socially, physically and emotionally. They have the disposable income to pamper themselves, travel domestically and abroad, attend conferences and pursue higher education/graduate degrees and relax at the world’s best spas.”

“This site is a daily destination for my reader’s because there is always new and exciting information about fashion, beauty, travel along with great advice about life, love, busines that I’ve utilized in my own life with great success as well as an array of other topics.”

Raina Shaw/The Salon Chair “Therapist”.